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Well after 4 years we finally have a third album for all of you...


Available Everywhere Now!

About the Album

   Recorded in Joey's garage with the first day being November 27th, 2019 and the final day being January 26th, 2020. We finally got to do what we wanted to for the last two albums but were unable to. Take our time. Recording in the garage let us work at our own pace and avoid the financial pressure of working in a studio. We were allowed to experiment more and not worry about it burning a hole in our pockets. The "it's good enough" mindset we had to endure with our last two albums was gone this time around. This time we worked until we were truly stoked with what we had. Kevin then mixed it on his own with input from all of us. Usually we're in the same room doing the mixing but with this Covid surprise, the mixing process took EXTRA long to do this time around. Once we finally got the mix we wanted, we had Mike Kalajian of Rogue Planet mastering do our final masters in New york. He has done mastering work for circa Survive, All Time Low & Emmure to name a few.

  This album definitely is our most mature and intense yet. You will see a lot of growth going from "Dreamin'" or even "Scraps" to this one. The songwriting is our best yet and it just feels like we were firing on all cylinders with this one. We can't wait to share it all with you on September first.

The Songs

"Don't Call" is an in your face pop-punk song that thankfully has turned into another fan favorite. We released it as the first single becuase it felt seems to e the perfect gatway song to the rest of the album. It has the standard Gearheart vibe going on but packaged in a edgier way that is more  like the rest of 'Lobotomized.' We think of it as the dark counterpart to our song "Be Here Tonight" and much like "Be Here Tonight" this song was spawned from Kevin. He wrote the riff and basically the whole structure and demoed it out himself at home. Once he showed it to the guys, Joey got the melody and lyrics down and Pedro found his bass parts. Filled with angst and aggression, this one keeps the energy rolling all the way to the end while the narrator just expresses his dissatisfation with all the bullshit around him and wants to disconnect from everyone around him.

"Fall From Grace" is the opening track for the album and sets up the ride that the rest of the album will take you on. Showcasing a more riff heavy structure of just the basic power chords and a strong balance between shreddy and melodic lead work. The more political lyrics will carry over throughout other tracks on the album as well as the adrenaline and grand scale of the song. We wrote this song together one day messing around in the garage and pretty much got the structure down in about 20 minutes. It was one of those happy moments where the song just wrote itself. Turn up the radio and go for a drive! 

"Wildflower" is about finding the person or thing you love where you’d least expect it and then the vulnerable feeling that overwhelms you when it’s gone. Someone that helped you find who you really are, someone so amazing that it changes your perspective of life and shows you the light of hope at the end of the tunnel. The video we put together is a love letter to all the fans we’ve made and venues we’ve played at along the way. Something we all took for granted just 5 months ago, the people we get to meet and the familiar faces every night, disappeared with this pandemic. We miss each and everyone and can’t wait to get to perform for everyone again when all of this is over. 

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