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Well here we go...


We have a new E.P. with 4 new songs for you all. We held a poll to see what name you wanted it to be called, and we're pleased to announce that "Scraps" is what the E.P is titled. It is available now on all digital outlets! Get it with the following links!



Google Play:


About the E.P.

   The release of this E.P. comes with a bit of an interesting intention from us. It's been no secret that we have intended another album & follow up to our 2nd LP Dreamin' for quite some time now. Our goal for that 3rd album has been to be able to record everything on our own exactly how we want it, in Joey's garage! The deadlines, stress & "it's good enough" mentality we had to endure with our previous releases are things we'd like to never have to revisit. But we needed to test our abilities first. We needed to see if it was even feasible for us before we commit to such a huge endeavor. So with that being said it should come as no shock that this was done entirely on our own in Joey's garage. The only thing we had someone do for us is the Mastering, which was done by the fantastic Mike Kalajian at Rogue Planet Mastering who has also done work for Circa Survive, All Time Low and Emmure to name a few.

Picking the Songs

   We felt the batch of songs we have written for our 3rd album was some of our best work yet but we had a little problem... we had almost 30 songs. Over time the songs that wouldn't be on the album started to become more clear but there were a few of those songs that we still really loved & thought our fans would too. These are those songs. For various reasons we felt these 4 songs ended up not fitting on the album but were still worthy of release. They even seemed to vibe together quite nicely. That's when we got the idea to put out an E.P. with these songs on it. We thought it would be interesting to see your reactions to the "B-Sides" first before the album they were initially intended for. If you like these songs then we think you will really love our 3rd album & if you don't like these songs all that much then you still might very well like our 3rd album because these were the songs that didn't make it. 

About the Songs

   These songs definitely fall in line with our hard rock sound. It's a hard hitting E.P. for sure. Fans of our hard rock & punk tracks like "Used" or "Get Me Out" from our debut album "Kick It Into Gear" will quite enjoy the tracks "Lose Control" & "Scumbag All-American" while "Claustrophobic Pantomime"  & "Won't Be Coming Home" will appeal to fans of the Alternative Rock style we incorporated on Dreamin'. 

"Claustrophobic Pantomime"

   This song is an aggressive alt-rock track that deals with the pessimistic thoughts some people just can't shake. The introvert that is inside of you that keeps you indoors & won't let you speak your mind. The "glass half full" midset that troubles us all at one point in our life.


"Lose Control" 

   This hard hitting track deals with the lonliness & personal demons one can acquire through years of constantly gigging. Whether it's the temptation of the bottle & substance abuse or the outbursts of anger that could lead to a bloody hand. Sometimes in the end you just have to let out all of your frustrations...


"Scumbag All-American"

   A good old fashion punk rock "Fuck You" song. Let's just say that this is about somone we used to do business with... We no longer affiliate with this person or his company. There are some bad people in the music industry, for any bands coming up, just be careful who you deal with.


"Won't Be Coming Home"

   Sometimes you need to watch a good sunset & think about life. We've had a rebirth of spirits since we became the new guys in the Huntington Beach scene & we will forever be grateful for the embrace the locals have given us. We wanted a big but simple chorus where everyone in Perqs can sing along with a beer in hand & their arm around another person. Like a good old fashioned Irish drinking song you want to head bang to.

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